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Audio CDs


Possibilities Productions
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What Is Man?   This revelatory book will give you powerful insight into how valuable you are, as well as how much potential power you have as a human.  You will gain understanding of how you are animated in this world and how you can gain extra power to live and help others.  


You can Live your life to the fullest!

Preview- What is Man?

"What is Man?"
In Print
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You will also find other great insights such as:

- The great risk the Godhead took on your behalf.
- The difference between the body, soul and spirit.

- Faith made simple.
- The difference between faith and belief.
- The power of your own will.
- A clear understanding of the gifts of the Spirit.
- How grace reconnects you to God.
- What a miracle really is.
- How Jesus did miracles on earth and how you can as well.
- Abundance and prosperity are yours to accept.
- You will gain understanding of who you really are and how much
  power you already have.






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            A Leadership Concept book
“The Vision” will encourage you to dream your God given dreams and see them become a reality. Like the artist’s template, ”The Vision” gives form to the dreams and visions God has put on your heart for your ministry, business and life. You will be inspired to follow the dreams and see the vision become reality.  For leaders in ministry, this book is designed to help communicate goals and desires to those who follow. It will be an asset in ministry relationships since those who serve with you will gain a better understanding for the unique purpose God has called you.  

ISBN#  978-0-9777984-0-7

"The Vision"
In Print

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 New Life Study - Study Guide
This powerful yet simple and easy to understand Bible study written by Rev. Richard E. Williams will be a great help to any believer. A new believer will be catapulted into their new life in Christ. This study has been designed to take you right to the heart of each lesson. This study will deal with subjects like: How are we to live? What is God's desire for my lifestyle? Is it Ok to drink alcohol? Is smoking something I should give up? Is sex before marriage Ok? What is sin? This and other subjects are on the mind of a new believer. This great Bible study will help answer these questions and more.

ISBN# 978-0-9777984-1-4

"New Life Study"
In Print

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New Life Study
Instructor's Manual

The New Life Study Instructor’s Manual is all you need to lead this Bible Study. This instructor’s manual includes a certificate of rights to duplicate 12 copies of New Life Study Course. You Will Receive

1. Instructor’s New Life Study key
2. One New Life Study Course
3. A certificate of rights to duplicate 12 New Life Study Courses
4. Printable class promotion a.
8.5 x 11 posters/flyers b. 5.5 x 8.5 handouts/inserts
5. Class Attendance Record
6. Class statistic record
7. Certificate of Completion for students Ideas on how to use this study.
8. Instructor’s use of this study. 

Over $130.00 Value:
You get 1 Manual and the rights to duplicate 12 New Life Study Guides.


"New Life Study
Instructor's Manual"
In Print

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Apostles Are Coming Out- The Characteristics of an Apostle
9 CD Set with Storage Case

Teaching on the ministry of an Apostle

The messages that are in this series are a must for those who want to be a part of this end time move of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing His apostles to the forefront. Some pastors are finding that they have an apostolic call on their lives and they don't know what to do with it! The messages in this series will help the entire body of Christ understand the calling and the characteristics of an apostle. Whether you sense an apostolic call or find yourself serving under one, you will benefit from this series.

Dr. Williams is very bold in his approach to this subject. He feels that the church has romanticized the apostles of old, believing that it would be sacrilege to think that there are modern-day apostles. He challenged this mind set (stronghold) in his own life and overcame it. There must be a restoration of the full five fold ministry in the last day if we are going to be an overcoming church.   WE ARE COMING OUT!

"Apostles Are Coming Out"

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Dr. Richard E. Williams has been the Senior Pastor of Outpouring Worship Center in Ravenna, Michigan since 1990. He also pastored in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Dr. Williams has been serving in the ministry since the age of 20 and has been pastoring churches since the age of 22.  Dr. Williams has an earned Ph.D. and  travels internationally speaking in crusades, conferences and revivals. He flows in the apostolic calling with signs & wonders following.  He is also the Executive Producer  of the “Outpouring television broadcast & Cutting Edge Video” television broadcast.

You have a purpose in life



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